Volume 1867, Issue 8

1 August 2021

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 166176
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  1. Reviews

    1. Novel molecular markers of cardiovascular disease risk in type 2 diabetes mellitus

      Article 166148
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    2. Phosphorylated tau targeted small-molecule PROTACs for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and tauopathies

      Article 166162
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  2. Regular papers

    1. Emerging functions of the nuclear receptor LRH-1 in liver physiology and pathology

      Article 166145
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    2. Homozygous missense mutation in UQCRC2 associated with severe encephalomyopathy, mitochondrial complex III assembly defect and activation of mitochondrial protein quality control

      Article 166147
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    3. Genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 in a cohort of Egyptian patients revealed mutation hotspots that are related to clinical outcomes

      Article 166154
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    4. TLR4 expression and functionality are downregulated in glioblastoma cells and in tumor-associated macrophages: A new mechanism of immune evasion?

      Article 166155
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  3. Special issue on "Nuclear receptors in liver physiology and liver disease"; Edited by Martin Wagner and Peter Fickert

    1. Secondary (iso)BAs cooperate with endogenous ligands to activate FXR under physiological and pathological conditions

      Article 166153
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ISSN: 0925-4439