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Volume 74

June 2021

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 105598
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  1. Review Articles

    1. Sonochemical processes for the degradation of antibiotics in aqueous solutions: A review

      Article 105566
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  2. Short Communications

    1. One-step synthesis of black TiO2-x microspheres by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis process and their visible-light-driven photocatalytic activities

      Article 105557
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    2. Unexpected acceleration of Ultrasonic-Assisted iodide dosimetry in the catalytic presence of ionic liquids

      Article 105576
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  3. Original Research Articles

    1. Influence of ultrasonic combined supercritical-CO2 electrodeposition process on copper film fabrication: Electrochemical evaluation

      Article 105555
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    2. Effects of preliminary treatment by ultrasonic and convective air drying on the properties and oil absorption of potato chips

      Article 105548
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    3. Optimization and mechanism exploration for Escherichia coli transformed with plasmid pUC19 by the combination with ultrasound treatment and chemical method

      Article 105552
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    4. Ultrasound-assisted of alkali chloride separation using bulk ionic liquid membrane

      Article 105549
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    5. Hydrodynamic cavitation: A feasible approach to intensify the emulsion cross-linking process for chitosan nanoparticle synthesis

      Article 105551
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    6. High-intensity ultrasound improves the physical stability of myofibrillar protein emulsion at low ionic strength by destroying and suppressing myosin molecular assembly

      Article 105554
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    7. Effect of ultrasound pretreatment on structural, physicochemical, rheological and gelation properties of transglutaminase cross-linked whey protein soluble aggregates

      Article 105553
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    8. Ultrasound-assisted production and optimization of mini-emulsions in a microfluidic chip in continuous-flow

      Article 105556
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    9. Behaviors and physical mechanism of ceftezole sodium de-agglomeration driven by ultrasound

      Article 105570
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    10. Complexation of maltodextrin-based inulin and green tea polyphenols via different ultrasonic pretreatment

      Article 105568
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    11. Ultrasound expands the versatility of polydopamine coatings

      Article 105571
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    12. Ultrasonication-assisted synthesis of 2D porous MoS2/GO nanocomposite catalysts as high-performance hydrodesulfurization catalysts of vacuum gasoil: Experimental and DFT study

      Article 105558
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    13. Nonlinear oscillation and acoustic scattering of bubbles

      Article 105573
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    14. Comparison of ultrasound and microwave assisted extraction of diosgenin from Trigonella foenum graceum seed

      Article 105572
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    15. Synergistic inactivation of bacteria based on a combination of low frequency, low-intensity ultrasound and a food grade antioxidant

      Article 105567
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    16. Circular motion of submillimeter-sized acoustic bubbles attached to a boundary by high-speed image analysis

      Article 105577
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    17. Comparison of the effect of extraction methods on the quality of green coffee oil from Arabica coffee beans: Lipid yield, fatty acid composition, bioactive components, and antioxidant activity

      Article 105578
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    18. Increase of acidification of synthetic brines by ultrasound-treated Lactiplantibacillus plantarum strains isolated from olives

      Article 105583
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    19. Effects of ultrasound-assisted vacuum tumbling on the oxidation and physicochemical properties of pork myofibrillar proteins

      Article 105582
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    20. Sonochemically prepared hierarchical MFI-type zeolites as active catalysts for catalytic ethanol dehydration

      Article 105581
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  4. Sonochem/processing inNA

    1. Analysis of ultrasound-assisted convective heating/cooling process: Development and application of a Nusselt equation

      Article 105575
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    2. Influence of sonication, temperature, and agitation, on the physical properties of a palm-based fat crystallized in a continuous system

      Article 105550
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  5. Ultrasound hybridized technologies: A new breathing for Sonochemistry

    1. Ultrasound-assisted soil washing processes for the remediation of heavy metals contaminated soils: The mechanism of the ultrasonic desorption

      Article 105574
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    2. Extraction of natural products using supercritical fluids and pressurized liquids assisted by ultrasound: Current status and trends

      Article 105584
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ISSN: 1350-4177