Volume 70

July 2021

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  1. Resection of an aggressive nodular fasciitis of the mandible in an infant girl

    Article 101867
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  2. Endoluminal vacuum-assisted closure for penetrating rectal injury in a pediatric patient

    Article 101885
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  3. Intussusception with ischemia secondary to Meckel's Diverticulum in a 13 year old

    Article 101877
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  4. Laparoscopic choledochal cyst resection using a novel articulating instrument in pediatric patients

    Article 101888
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  5. Concurrent Morgagni and Bochdalek congenital diaphragmatic hernias with omphalocele

    Article 101890
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  6. Severe constipation in a pediatric patient causing abdominal compartment syndrome

    Article 101874
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  7. Persistent Mullerian duct syndrome and bilateral cryptorchidism

    Article 101846
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  8. Back to the 60s: The Heimlich Valve A patient- and family-centered care perspective

    Article 101887
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  9. Pediatric polypectomy via an open approach in a resource limited setting

    Article 101878
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  10. Endoscopic ultrasound-guided pancreatic drainage for treating a traumatic main pancreatic duct injury in a child

    Article 101886
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  11. A remnant vitelline vessel detected and resected during laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair in a 4-year-old girl

    Article 101880
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  12. Sigmoid colon obstruction due to Kaposiform Haemangioendothelioma

    Article 101870
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  13. Umbilical hernia with giant proboscis in a 10-year old

    Article 101897
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  14. Umbilical teratoma in a newborn

    Article 101873
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  15. Meckel's diverticulum causing simultaneous hemoperitoneum and hematochezia

    Article 101893
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  16. Massive splenic infarction after blunt abdominal trauma in a pediatric patient

    Article 101903
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  17. Fibrous hamartoma of the thigh in a neonate

    Article 101894
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ISSN: 2213-5766