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Volume 63

June 2021

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  1. Editorial Board

    Article 100946
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  2. Alex, the toolmaker: Tool-and-result activity in the L2 learning context

    Article 100862
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  3. Humor in multimodal language use: Students’ Response to a dialogic, social-networking online assignment

    Article 100903
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  4. Exploring how language exposure shapes oral narrative skills in French-English emergent bilingual first graders

    Article 100905
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  5. Historical images of teachers and their underlying ideologies in Swedish academia: Multimodal discourses from 1950 and 1980

    Article 100914
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  6. The secret multimodal life of IREs: Looking more closely at representational gestures in a familiar questioning sequence

    Article 100913
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  7. Subtle Islamization of teacher education: A critical discourse analysis of Turkey's “inclusive” education initiative for refugee integration

    Article 100923
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  8. “Finally, I told my professor I was pregnant.” Becoming new mothers as international graduate students

    Article 100922
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  9. Literacy school practices and oral community strategies in the classroom for teaching Mapuzugun

    Article 100924
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  10. Teachers’ narratives of resistance to Madrid's bilingual programme: An exploratory study in secondary education

    Article 100925
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  11. Holding them back or pushing them out?: Reclassification policies for English learners with disabilities

    Article 100927
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  12. The discourse of ESL advocacy in a simulated environment

    Article 100928
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  13. “We are in Cyprus, we have to use our language, don't we?” Pupils’ and their parents’ attitudes towards two proximal linguistic varieties

    Article 100931
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  14. Teachers’ beliefs and practices with respect to translanguaging university mathematics in Iraq

    Article 100930
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  15. “No more Korean at Home.” Family language policies, language practices, and challenges in Korean immigrant families: Intragroup diversities and intergenerational impacts

    Article 100929
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  16. Language demands of textbooks for learning English in Hong Kong: A multi-stratal analysis

    Article 100934
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  17. “It just sounds proper common”: Exploring the social meanings expressed by nonstandard grammar

    Article 100933
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