Volume 133

Pages A1-A6, 1-176 (May 2021)

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    1. Editorial Board

      Page IFC
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  1. Editor’s Choice

    1. In 2021 When Is It Unethical to Use a Placebo in a Clinical Trial?

      Pages A5-A6
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  2. Commentaries

    1. A conversation on health research collaborations and career with Dr. Gordon Guyatt: A commentary

      Pages 152-155
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    2. Reply to Kelly Farrah and David Kaunelis regarding our study “Validation of five search filters for retrieval of clinical practice guidelines produced low precision”

      Pages 156-157
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    3. Commentary: Online Platform of Minimal Important Difference estimates for patient reported outcomes: potential and challenges

      Pages 172-174
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    4. New placebo-controlled Covid-19 vaccine trials are ethically questionable; it's now about comparative effectiveness and availability of registered vaccines

      Pages 175-176
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  3. Series

    1. COVID-19 Series

      1. Double-zero-event studies matter: A re-evaluation of physical distancing, face masks, and eye protection for preventing person-to-person transmission of COVID-19 and its policy impact

        Pages 158-160
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    2. Key Concepts Series

      1. An introduction to mediation analyses of randomized controlled trials

        Pages 161-164
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  4. Reviews

    1. Minimal important difference estimates for patient-reported outcomes: A systematic survey

      Pages 61-71
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    2. Design, methods, and reporting of impact studies of cardiovascular clinical prediction rules are suboptimal: a systematic review

      Pages 111-120
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  5. Original Articles

    1. No inexplicable disagreements between real-world data–based nonrandomized controlled studies and randomized controlled trials were found

      Pages 1-13
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    2. Antidepressant prescriptions have not fully reflected evolving evidence from cumulative network meta-analyses and guideline recommendations

      Pages 14-23
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    3. Using Embase as a supplement to PubMed in Cochrane reviews differed across fields

      Pages 24-31
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    4. A review found inadequate reporting of case–control studies of risk factors for pancreatic cancer

      Pages 32-42
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    5. Logistic regression and machine learning predicted patient mortality from large sets of diagnosis codes comparably

      Pages 43-52
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    6. Sample sizes of prediction model studies in prostate cancer were rarely justified and often insufficient

      Pages 53-60
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    7. Most randomized controlled trials for psoriasis used placebo comparators despite the availability of effective treatments

      Pages 72-79
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    8. A classification of methods used to personalize participative interventions revealed inadequate reporting in trial protocols

      Pages 80-93
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    9. The reporting of coenrolment in protocols of publicly funded randomized controlled trials was infrequent and variable

      Pages 94-100
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    10. Psychometric evaluation of a new drug-resistant tuberculosis stigma scale

      Pages 101-110
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    11. Natural language processing was effective in assisting rapid title and abstract screening when updating systematic reviews

      Pages 121-129
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    12. An evaluation of Cochrane Crowd found that crowdsourcing produced accurate results in identifying randomized trials

      Pages 130-139
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    13. Machine learning reduced workload with minimal risk of missing studies: development and evaluation of a randomized controlled trial classifier for Cochrane Reviews

      Pages 140-151
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  6. Letter to the Editor

    1. No limitations to language, date, publication type, and publication status in search step of systematic reviews

      Pages 165-167
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    2. An online tool for the calculation and graphical presentation of the NNTnet

      Pages 168-169
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    3. Identification of surveys in major biomedical bibliographic databases

      Pages 170-171
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    1. Table of Contents

      Pages A2-A4
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ISSN: 0895-4356